Modelling matters' success story

Company Profile 


Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Perth, Australia, Modelling Matters is a reservoir modelling and subsurface consultancy.

The objective of the business is to provide a source of expertise for the integration of subsurface data, including geophysics, geology and reservoir engineering, with the use of 3D reservoir modelling techniques at the core of our service offering.

The ability to efficiently integrate data from the various core subsurface disciplines allows our clients to get the most from their highly valued data, resulting in informed decisions for the optimization of reservoir performance and field economics.

In only a few years, Modelling Matters has built strong relationships with some of the key oil and gas players in the industry. With its entrepreneurial leadership team and highly trained technical staff, Modelling Matters is well positioned to continue its growth and expand its activities across the oil and gas market-place.

Mission, Vision and Values



  • Be the provider of choice for reservoir modelling and subsurface services to the industry.


  • Place reservoir modelling at the core of our service offering.
  • Extract maximum information from available data, providing the knowledge needed to make the key decisions.
  • Develop, strengthen and maintain our company to client relationships based on our professional capabilities, reputation and trust.


  • Provision. Provide a strong work ethos for our clients, with the goal of providing solutions that meet or exceed our clients expectations.
  • Trust. Build lasting relationships with our clients and consultants, developing a high level of trust in our business affairs.
  • Support. Provide the highest level of technical support to our clients, and support our consultants and staff through their challenging work.