Taking the subsurface to another dimension.

Reservoir Modelling


Taking the subsurface to the next dimension

Modelling Matters specialise in reservoir modelling, the science of 3D 'static' geological and 'dynamic' simulation reservoir modelling.

Whether performing modelling for a farm-in opportunity / divestment, full field development planning, reserves evaluation or production optimisation, Modelling Matters is dedicated to building reservoir models which honour available input data and truly reflect reservoir properties. Modelling Matters knowledgeable application of reservoir modelling and analysis takes geological and simulation modelling to the next dimension and brings a new perspective to our clients' projects.

Utilising the workflow tools available in today's leading software, Modelling Matters is able construct simple or complex models for an array of reservoir settings.

Geomodelling and Reservoir Engineering Services provided include:



  • Import and QC of all pertinent input data
  • Well correlation and Mapping
  • Construction of the 3D Structural Framework Model
  • Fine-Scale Grid Design, QC and Blocking of Well Data
  • Facies&Petrophyscial property modelling
  • Fracture Modelling
  • Fault Seal Analysis
  • Simulation Grid Design &Upscaling of Properties
  • Volumetric Calculations
  • Streamline Analysis
  • Well Planning
  • Uncertainty Studies
  • Workflow Management
  • Export of Static Model to Reservoir Simulator

Reservoir Engineering

  • Well Test Analysis
  • Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Material Balance
  • Production analysis
  • Rock & Fluid Property Analysis
  • SCAL Interpretation
  • Thermal Maturation
  • Simulation Gridding
  • Full-Field Black-Oil and Compositional Reservoir Simulations
  • Primary and Enhanced Recovery
  • Aquifer Modelling
  • Waterflood analysis and surveillance
  • Well and Reservoir Surveillance and Management
  • Stimulation / Completion Design & Evaluation

We can offer expertise in the most popular reservoir modelling software packages, including, but not limited to, Schlumberger's Petrel& Eclipse, and Roxar'sRMS. As a result, we are able to specify each tools features and benefits and indicate in which situations one modelling suite's approach is advantageous over another.

A key strength of our modelling approach is our ability, through the utilisation of workflows and audit trails, to quickly and efficiently transform your valuable input data into a reliable reservoir model, which itself will be quick and easy to update as and when new data becomes available.

Modelling Matters is also able to offer training and mentoring on best practices of 3D reservoir modelling upon request.

If you require the services of an experienced geomodeller or reservoir engineer please contact us.