Providing Expertise In 3d Reservoir Modelling



Providing expertise in 3D reservoir modelling

Modelling Matters is an innovative petroleum consultancy providing specialised technical subsurface and reservoir modelling services to the oil and gas industry.

We place 3D reservoir modelling at the core of our service offering, supplying the expertise to integrate data from the different subsurface disciplines into the collaborative environment that is reservoir modelling, be that 'static or 'dynamic'.

Our staff and consultants are highly trained in the most popular modelling software packages, including Petrel and Eclipse, and offer an extensive knowledge base on geoscience, geomodelling and reservoir engineering.

Modelling Matters knowledgeable application, when building and analysing reservoir models, allows our clients to make informed decisions during the lifetime of their field. From acquisition/divestment, exploration, appraisal, development and production, we can assist with the optimisation of reservoir performance.

If you require the services of Modelling Matters please contact us.


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